How to Edit a Google Maps Business Listing

After you’ve listed your business within Google Maps, you’ll find occasionally you’ll have to edit your listing. This is an important step in keeping your listing up to date. Without editing your business, your business hours could sometimes be wrong, or other people can post inaccurate and misleading posts about your business. Editing your Google Maps listing doesn’t sound hard, and it isn’t. However, there are a few ways you can go about it, and some are better than others.

Google My Business Dashboard

This is the most popular, and the most effective way to edit your Google Maps listing. You can only use this method if you own the listing, meaning if you have already claimed it. If your business appears on Google Maps but there is incorrect information associated with it, you should claim your listing here: and optimize it to ensure it’s correct.

The Local Knowledge Panel

The Local Knowledge Panel is a box that appears to the right of the search results when someone looks for a business. This Panel typically only appears when someone searches for a very specific business. If you search for your business on Google and this Panel appears, you can edit some of your listing here. Mainly you can change the pin marker location within the map, and mark your business as closed or never existed.

Google Maps

You can also edit your listing by going directly into Google Maps found here: In the search field you can enter the name of your business and edit some information that is incorrect about your business. You can change the pin marker location, your business name, address, phone number, hours, and mark your business as closed or never existed. While all of these places will allow you to edit the Google Maps listing for your business, the best way to do it is really to claim your Google My Business listing and edit Google Maps within it. This will allow you to edit your Google Maps listing, and keep control of the rest of your Google My Business listing.

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