How to use keywords in your Google Maps Listings

Keywords are a crucial component of any content you post online for your business, and your Google Maps listing is no different. Incorporating keywords into your listing will make it easier to rank higher, which means more customers will see your business after performing a search. However, if you include too many keywords, or use them in the wrong spots, your listing could be penalized and your ranking will suffer. So, how do you properly use keywords in Google Maps?

Find Your Best Keyword

Start by choosing one, and only one, keyword. There are a number of ways you can find your best keyword. One of the best way is to use Google’s Keyword Planner after signing into your Google account. Type in some words about your business and Google will return a number of keyword results. You can also perform a search in Google for your competitors, or businesses similar to yours. See what keywords they’re using, and how they rank to determine which ones are most useful to your business.

Optimize Your Google Maps Listing

Now that you’ve found your best keyword, incorporate it into your Google Maps listing. Place it in the description, within the categories if possible, in posts you create, and anything else you include with your listing. Focus content around this keyword and it will start to rank higher.

Get Reviews

When you ask customers to review your business, they’ll naturally incorporate your keyword if you’ve chosen wisely. For example, diners at a restaurant are likely to say something like, “Popped into this cozy little restaurant for lunch one day.” If ‘restaurant’ is your keyword, that review will help boost your ranking. Once you have a number of reviews, you can then expand on your best keyword and include more. For example, that same diner may write, “Popped into this cozy little restaurant for lunch one day while in Seattle.” The term ‘Seattle’ is a good additional keyword because it’s local, and Google loves local just as much as they love keywords and reviews.

Don’t Cram Your Content with Keywords

Using keywords is good. Using keywords excessively is bad. Don’t just place your keywords into as many possible places as you can. Google will view that as spam and penalize your Maps listing for it. Instead, use them naturally and in areas they make sense.

Don’t Use Keywords in Your Business Name

When entering your business name, use only your business name. Don’t include keywords here, unless they are part of your company’s name. Even including the term ‘Seattle’ could hurt your Maps ranking if the city’s name isn’t actually in your business name.

Keywords are important, but it’s just as important to know how to use them, and how not to. Follow these tips and have keyword confidence with your Google Maps listing.

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