Using Call-to-action buttons in Google Maps

Since 2018, Google has provided the option to business owners to incorporate call-to-action buttons in their Google Maps listing. The only call to action Google once allowed in Google Maps was “Visit Website.” Now, you can choose call buttons, direction buttons, and still, a button that allows visitors to go directly to your website. While there are many benefits to having these buttons within your Maps listing, it’s also important to know how to use them.

There are two main benefits that come with including these call to action buttons within your listing. The first is that it automatically tells your customer the next step to take. You don’t have to include it elsewhere in your listing, because it’s one of the first things they’ll see.

The other benefit call to action buttons bring is that customers are more likely to use them. More customers are using mobile apps these days. They don’t want to have to look up your phone number, memorize it quickly, and then leave the app to enter it into their keypad. Giving customers a one-touch method to get in contact with your business means they’re more likely to.

Google provides many different options for call to action buttons, including viewing a menu or a list of available services, placing an order, and of course, call buttons. You don’t have to use all of them and, you should choose wisely when deciding which ones to include in your listing. Choose buttons that are of course, the highest priority for your business. Most businesses include a call button, but if you’re a restaurant, buttons to place an order may also be a priority for you. If you’re a retail store, you may wish to include a button that allows customers to view your inventory.

The good news is that, after seeing all the options you have for call to action buttons, the ones most important to your business will likely be fairly obvious. Aim for having at least two call to action buttons within your listing so customers feel as though they have a couple of options.

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