Why are long-tail keywords so important for SEO

Long-Tail Keywords. This is a fancy way of saying niche search terms that you are trying to rank for. For example “Bouncy Castle” is a short tail key word, but “Pink Princess Bouncy Castle Hire Newcastle” is a very specific and niche term (a long tail key word).

The idea being that it’s easier to compete for long-tail keywords because less people are trying to rank for it.

When Disco Domes first came out, newbies in the industry could suddenly boost their company because “Disco Dome Hire” wasn’t something established companies had; It was a new product and everyone had a more even chance to start ranking for this new product right away.

Some good advice for new BCN customers that are starting out is to focus on these types of niches. It’s hard to compete right away with “Bouncy Caslte Hire <town>”, so “Candy Cart Hire in Bradford” or “Fund Raising Bouncy Castle Day in Cardiff” is going to be something you’ll likely find much easier to rank for.

This is also fair advice for established hire companies, too. Instead of spending 4 or 5 weeks writing content to move from rank 3 to rank 2 for “Bouncy Castle Hire London”, you might find that you would have been better spending that time ranking for terms that aren’t competitive at all, giving you prime position on several different long-tail key words, rather than bumping up one spot in a highly competitive area (which you would no doubt have to remain constantly fighting for).

Doing this also helps your over-all ranking, because you can always link to other products on those pages and indirectly help your rank in other areas.

Here’s a fair example of long-tail keywords working successfully…

I wrote a very short news post on my site about Eid. Eid is a celebration of the end of Ramadan when the fasting is stopped and they have a big feast. It’s a big deal for Muslims and they often hire a bouncy castle for it. It’s a good occasion to be popular for, you don’t really need a specific theme for it, a plain or party theme is perfectly fine and they’re often a loyal bunch that will hire from you consistently.

The news post I wrote was only 309 words (much less than this post, ironically), yet without using the Google Search Console it was indexed within 24 hours and ranking.

For such a simple post, it is now ranking number 1 for lots of search terms, and not just locally, but actually ranks number 1 without any town names for the UK. A very successful post!!!!

This may start to drop down over the next few days (possibly), as sometimes you receive an instant boost because of the fresh content being relevant, but over time it could possibly drop a little (that depends on a bunch of factors though). However, NOW is the time I want to rank for it, because my stats show people are frequently booking 2-4 weeks before their party, so the timing is great.

It’s also a good example of “evergreen content”, which is basically a fancy way of saying it isn’t a particulary trending item or news items that goes out of date. Eid search volumes will be peak and dip throughout the year, but it’s a constant (unlike news about Labour planning to take over the national grid or Chris Evans drawing over a million listeners to Virgin radio; Which are both passing news). Evergreen content is great because it lasts and your effort is rewarded by constant results, instead of a one-time short-term hit).

The news post is here: https://www.bouncycastlehirebexley.co.uk/…/eid-al-fitr-cele…
Attached are just some of the results it’s yielded.

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