Why you should always respond to Google Reviews

Have Reviews on Your Google Maps Listing? You Better Respond to Them

Many business owners today know that Google loves reviews. When you have review your business on Google Maps, the search engine giant ranks that listing higher than listings that are missing reviews. Sometimes business owners reach out to customers and ask them to leave these reviews. Other times, customers simply review a business because they want to share the experience they had. Whatever the reason the customer left the review, there’s one more important step for business owners. They need to respond to those reviews.

Google’s own support page states that businesses should interact with their customers by responding to reviews left about the business. Google gives the reason for this, saying that responding to reviews shows that business owners care about their customers and appreciate the feedback.

While Google doesn’t specifically say responding to reviews will increase your rank, they do so that responding to reviews will increase a business’ visibility. Since the visibility your business receives online is largely in the hands of Google, that’s important and indicates that responding to reviews is directly correlated to the ranking of your Maps listing.

When responding to reviews, it’s important to know how to properly do it. All reviewers should always be thanked for taking the time to leave the review. If the review was positive, a simple, “Hope to see you again soon!” will suffice. You can also say, “We’re so happy you enjoyed your experience!”

Negative reviews are a bit harder to respond to. Still thank the user for taking the time to leave a review. Then, address the problem and apologize for the inconvenience or bad experience the user had. Offer to correct the problem, by offering coupons or a free visit, or ask the customer how you can help fix the situation. It’s important not to become defensive or angry when responding to negative reviews. It will not make your business look professional, or a place other customers want to visit.

If you’ve gotten lots of reviews on your Google Maps listing, congratulate yourself for a job well done! However, that’s not the only step. Now is the time to start responding to them and boosting your Google Maps ranking even higher.

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