Why you should regularly update your GMB listing

Many business owners know that being listed within Google Maps is important. It increases your visibility to customers, gets you more revenue, and even gets your website increased traffic. However, too many business owners simply create a listing and then leave it there. They don’t check it, they don’t make updates to it, and essentially, have no idea what’s happening with it once it’s up and running. That is a major mistake. Ignoring your listing will not only unravel all the hard work you’ve done on it, it can also hurt your business.

Did you know that once your listing is live on Google Maps, anyone can make changes to it? That’s right. It sounds incredibly unfair to business owners, but Google does this to provide customers with an authentic and real experience. They want customers to upload pictures, reviews, and make other edit suggestions for your business. And so, anyone that sees your listing can change it – even your competitors.

This can be disastrous to a business, which is why it’s so important to check it and update it when needed. Reviewing your listing is the only way to see if there are fake reviews that should be removed. This is not an easy process, but if there are unfair reviews on your listing, or reviews that simply just aren’t true, you can ask Google to remove them.

Reviewing your listing will also allow you to see if anyone has made significant changes that could hurt your business, such as changing the address, hours of operation, or phone number. If these changes are made, customers may not be able to contact you, or become frustrated because they regularly visit your business when you’re not open.

These are real changes that could be made to your listing. Worse, these changes can be made without you even knowing. Google does’t always alert customers when changes are made to their listing, so the only way to keep on top of this is to check your listing regularly, and make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to.

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