Your website can help your Google Maps Listing rank higher

It’s true that your Google Maps rank is directly tied to your Google My Business listing. However, many business owners don’t realize that their website will also have an effect on their Maps ranking. Below is a list of tips to incorporate into your website to ensure it’s supporting, and not hurting, your Google Maps ranking.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

It’s important to remember that customers are going mobile today. More users are searching on their cellphones than they are on desktops or laptops. Due to this, it’s important they can reach you just as easily as if they were on a larger computer. That means you must optimize your website to make it mobile-friendly. If your listing includes broken links to your website, users need to constantly pinch and zoom, or if your site is too slow to load, Google will penalize your Maps listing for it.

Go Local

Google Maps is all about local listings, so it makes sense that your website should also be optimized for local. Incorporate geographically modified keywords into all the titles of your web pages, the headers, body of your content, image tags, and your URLs. Ideally you should have location pages for any location you serve, but place a priority on the main pages of your website, such as your home and service pages.

Place a Map on Your Website

While optimizing your website for Google Maps, why not also embed an actual Google Maps onto your website? Many businesses place this map on their Contact page, and that’s a great place for it, since it will tell customers where to find you. Google also ranks websites higher that have a map embedded onto their website because it confirms that the business is located where you say it is. Just make sure you use the same business address you use in your Google Maps listing so the two line up.

To embed a map on your website, search for your business within the app or on the website. Find your listing, click on ‘Share,’ and then click on the ‘Embed a map’ tab. Then you simply have to copy that code into the website page you want it to appear.

Business listings on Google Maps are becoming more advanced every day, allowing customers to get the information they need quickly. Making sure your website is in top shape will help you achieve and maintain a higher ranking on Google Maps.

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